This came across my desk this morning. Perhaps I was vaguely aware of it, but until now I have not paid attention to it. However, as part of furthering the dream of meeting the needs of kids educationally, it is important to me to see what others are doing. Is this school doing it right?

In a Time Magazine article on education spending from this past December, there is mention of a charter school in NYC that is paying its teachers $125,000. The difference with this school is that the teachers don’t have tenure. The extension of their contract is based on their performance, from what I can gather. You can check out The Equity Project charter school website for more information.

But, the real reason I am posting about this particular school today is that 60 Minutes will be doing a story on them this coming Sunday at 7pm ET. I will be tuning in and you can expect another blog post Sunday night. But for now, here is a sneak peek provided by the 60 Minutes website.