Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Growing up, Michelle Thomas was a bright and eager student, but she still struggled in school.  She had a hard time thriving in one-size-fits-all classrooms that left little room for diverse learners.  Yet, some classes and some teachers were different. They didn’t demand conformity, but showed a genuine appreciation for who she was and how she learned best.  They saw potential that others missed and knew that if they could find ways to reach her, she would excel. It was this encouragement that fueled her love of learning.

This passion led her and her husband Sean to open Bolder Tutor in 2011.  The business grew quickly, earning a solid reputation for helping struggling students keep up with the rigors of traditional school settings.

While these children learned and grew, tutoring alone could not address the underlying problem.  As soon as they stepped back into the classroom, they were met with a learning environment that was too rigid to appreciate their talents or meet their needs.  These highly capable, yet diverse, kids were under-appreciated and beaten down, held hostage by the crippling anxiety that comes with not being able to fit in. They suffered greatly and so did their families.

think outside the box retouchedAND THAT WAS HOW BOLDER PATHWAY WAS BORN.

Bolder Pathway School sprung from the core belief that every child is teachable when given the right tools and instruction. Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind educational experience that meets each child’s needs, giving them renewed confidence in their own abilities.

This is a place where students can relax, feeling comfortable and confident in who they are.  A place that helps them recognize that they are talented and smart and capable of so much more than anyone thought possible. A place that understands what they need, then teaches them in a way they can understand.

Today, Bolder Pathway’s vision is clear.  We’re on a mission to show the world that with the right environment, a caring staff and customized curriculum, our out-of-the-box learners will thrive and succeed.

At Bolder Pathway School, our mission is to help diverse learners succeed by offering a holistic educational experience that honors who they are and how they learn. We strive to foster a love of learning and lifelong success through customized curriculum, individualized instruction and a warm, welcoming environment.
We believe that all children can learn when given the right environment, curriculum and instruction.  We believe that parents and families are our welcome partners.  Most importantly, we wholeheartedly celebrate diversity.  Each child is different and we work to meet them, where ever they are at.
We believe that all children are gifted in some area and therefore meet the individual needs of all students, whether they are diagnosed or not.  We have worked with students labeled twice exceptional, general learning disability, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscaculia,  ADD and ADHD, language, sensory and auditory processing disorder, anxiety, Autism, Aspergers, PDDNOS, Bi-Polar, Executive Function, ODD, social and emotional disorders, and more.  We are ready and able to tailor your child’s educational experience to enhance their learning from a strength based mindset.
While many schools have a single curriculum for all students, Bolder Pathway draws from a variety of research-based methodologies to find the perfect mix for your child. Our class sizes are extremely small, ensuring that your child receives one-on-one instruction each and every day. And since everyone goes at their own pace, no one is left behind or held back by where the rest of the class is.

Most importantly, we not only accept diversity, we celebrate it. This creates an environment where each child is comfortable to be themselves, as they build confidence in their own gifts and abilities.